About the Café

Bailiwick: realm of interest; geographical area.

Bailiwick Market & Cafe is a community gathering space. It is a place for people to connect with their friends and loved ones through our realm of interest: the beautiful CNY landscape. The vision for Bailiwick Market & Cafe is to bring together food, art, and events that connect us to the land, and to each other.

We have built our business around the core values of community, sustainability, safety, efficiency, integrity, and fun.

  • Community. We are a safe, friendly, welcoming atmosphere for every one of our customers, employees and business partners.
  • Destination. Our business is a year-round place of discovery.
  • Land stewardship. We are good stewards of the land. We will always consider the effect of our decisions on the local, regional and global environment. We will protect the land that we own and use.
  • Local economic growth. We provide economic growth by sourcing local food, art, and employees. When making purchases or hiring decisions, we will always seek Central New York options first.



Meet the Team!

Bailiwick's Head Barista, Miss Molly Melfi: 
Molly, a native of Cato, NY stopped by our café one day to see what it was all about. She was excited to see what we have to offer and ended up applying for a job. Prior to working at Bailiwick, she was exclusively a tea drinker. Discovering our coffee selections opened a creative and artistic outlet for Molly. After training with Bailiwick's Head Barista, JoAnn Schneider, she went for additional training under the direction of Matt Nesbitt of Café Kubal, where she learned proper, step by step procedures and latte art.  Molly has developed confidence and poise as a barista and continues to hone her craft and customer service skills. She enjoys interacting with our customers and feels that each drink is a unique, personal expression of her creativity. She is excited to help Bailiwick Market & Café grow in its varied offerings and continued quality. We are proud of her hard work and creativity.

Molly's enjoys riding her motorcycle, with no set destination and has been known to stop at cafes to discover new coffee blends and roasts.


What kind of food do you serve?
We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily! Our emphasis is on locally-sourced foods, inspired by other small businesses in and around CNY.

We offer an extensive ice cream menu and fully functioning espresso bar. We also serve our own unique brand of soft drinks and sodas, available for purchase in store or to go with take-out orders. 

Browse our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus! Or view our daily specials here.

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Do you have a drive-thru?
Yes! Drive-thru operating hours are the same as normal store hours. Visit us any time, or pick up your take-out order conveniently at the drive-thru. 

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What is Field of Creams?
Field of Creams is our selection of entirely homemade hard ice cream, owned and operated by Bailiwick Market and Cafe. We make our ice cream from scratch, without any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Please visit our ice cream pages for more information! 

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Do you host events? 
Yes! We regularly invite local musicians and bands for live performances. We also gladly  accommodate requests for private events such as anniversaries, birthday parties, showers, and weddings! Please call to find out more information, or ask in person next time you visit!

Check out our events page.

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Do you sell local art? 
Yes! We cherish the beauty of CNY and are grateful for the artists and craftsmen who are inspired by it. We support local artists and have made it a core of our business to become a powerful outlet for artists and craftsmen to feature and sell their work.

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How can I sell my art at your store?
We are actively seeking high quality wholesale artists to sell their wares at Bailiwick Market & Cafe. All artwork will be reviewed by an independent jury. Please complete an artist application and submit it to to art@bailiwickmarket.com to have your work juried for our store.

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Contact Us

Bailiwick Market & Café
441 Route 5
Elbridge, NY 13060
(315) 277-5632

Cafe, Ice Cream and Drive Thru Hours

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday: 8:00am to 7:00pm


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