Homemade Hard Ice Cream

All of our hard ice cream flavors are homemade on site, made without artificial flavors or colors, and are available exclusively at Bailiwick Market & Cafe!


SHOW ME THE DOUGH - COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM IS FINALLY HERE! Our creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with chunks of homemade cookie dough.

NEED S'MORE COWBELL - chocolate ice cream with a homemade marshmallow swirl and bits of homemade graham cracker crumbs (named after the famous SNL skit... check it out here!).

JUST GOT DUMPED - chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie crumbs, chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered pretzel bits, and toffee bits coated in our homemade homemade caramel.

MUDDY MINT - mint ice cream with chunks of homemade brownie.

Field of Creams Homemade Flavors:

VANILLA - creamy with a hint of butterscotch.

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FILTHY RICH CHOCOLATE - creamy, rich chocolate with a subtle coffee finish.

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FARM GIRL SWIRL - a robust coffee ice cream base with a homemade dark fudge swirl.

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MAPLE WALNUT - pure NY maple syrup ice cream with toasted walnuts.

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MAPLE PECAN - pure NY maple syrup ice cream with pecan pralines.

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MOLASSES CRINKLE - molasses ice cream with chunks of homemade molasses crinkle cookies, made from a generations old recipe.

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LAKE EFFECT - toasted coconut ice cream, toasted almonds, and a homemade dark fudge swirl.

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DIRT ROAD - rich chocolate ice cream, homemade chocolate cookie crumbs, and a crunchy peanut butter swirl.

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FUDGE SMUDGE - creamy vanilla ice cream with a homemade dark chocolate fudge swirl.

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TOASTED ALMOND BUTTERSCOTCH - butterscotch ice cream, homemade butterscotch swirl, and toasted almonds.

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PEPPERMINT FUDGE - creamy peppermint ice cream with a homemade dark fudge swirl.

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP - creamy peppermint ice cream with dark mint chocolate chips.

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PRALINES AND CREAM - caramel ice cream with a caramel swirl and chunks of pecan pralines.

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SPOTTED COW - creamy vanilla ice cream with chunks of 60% cocoa chocolate chips.

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PB&J - creamy peanut butter ice cream, a crunchy peanut butter swirl, and a homemade jelly swirl.

LEMON BAR - vanilla ice cream with homemade shortbread cookies and a homemade lemon swirl.

COFFEE N TOFFEE - robust coffee ice cream with bits of homemade toffee and a dark fudge swirl.

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COFFEE CHIP - robust coffee ice cream with 60% cocoa chocolate chips.

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MILK AND COOKIES - vanilla ice cream with chunks of homemade chocolate wafer cookies and buttercream (our version of the popular Cookies 'n Cream).

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PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOM - vanilla ice cream with a homemade crunchy peanut butter swirl and homemade fudge swirl.

POT O' GOLD - butterscotch ice cream with a butterscotch swirl and chocolate butterscotch chips.

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BLACK RASPBERRY (seasonal) - creamy black raspberry ice cream made with berries grown on our own hillside!

RAD RASPBERRY CHIP (seasonal) - ice cream made with local red raspberries and finished with dark and white raspberry-flavored chocolate chips.

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